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Magnifiers are not new; they have been around for the thousands of years. It was started with polished lenses then glass lenses and now it has been developed into man-made materials like plastic magnifiers are basically used for 2 purposes to light up the fire and to increase the size of the small image so that user can able to see the image clearly. Both can be used in different sizes, magnifications, and materials.  

Before knowing the various kinds of magnifiers, it is mandatory that you should know your requirement and suitable kind of magnifier. If you are thinking that how could you tell that which magnifier is needed for your requirement then you should answer the following question:
  • Which items are to be magnified
  • What details you are intending to be observed
  • Where do you intend to use the magnifier

After answering the above questions, you will able to know your needs. Now you are eligible to choose the magnifier for you. There are various magnifiers you can choose from; we will let you know the few.

Magnifiers are instruments that are used to increase the size of the object. Reading magnifier is best suited for those people who find difficulty in reading the newspaper or other written text as it will increase the font size and makes it readable. Coin magnifier can be used for inspection of coins and other similar items.  Jewelers Loupes is used by jewelers by attaching to their spectacle frames. The most common to use 20X magnification for close work is large magnifiers.

A lighted magnifier is used to repair small items like mobile phones or jewelry. The glass mixture can be up to 8 inches (or 200mm) in diameter and the light source is powered by mains power. Pocket magnifiers are useful for the aged persons as these magnifiers can be carefully stored in a standard wallet. Lighted magnifiers are Rim free with led light magnifying glasses that are one of the most modern lollipop type magnifiers that are available today.

Some of the recent portable magnifiers have built-in lighting systems that allow the user to use them at low ambient light levels. Others have folding envelopes to save them during transport and storage. Any scratches or marks will be troublesome to use the magnifier. While buying a magnifier make sure that it is of the quality that you are expecting. Magnifiers are one of the few items that support the saying the more you pay, the better the product. is the place where you can get any kind of magnifier according to your requirements.


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